SGPGI creates history in robotic surgery.

Lucknow: SGPGI created history when
a successful robotic surgery was done by Dr.Gyan Chand For the first time in Uttar Pradesh and for the first time in any government institution in India. In this surgery thyroid cancer was removed by robotic surgery.
A 21-year-old unmarried girl resident of Prayagraj had a thyroid lump in her neck, which was increasing continuously. After necessary tests at Kamla Nehru Cancer Hospital in Prayagraj, the doctors told that it was a lump and was malignant. Due to these complications, its surgery was not possible without making an incision in the throat. In such a situation, the patient and the family members were very depressed and disappointed as this would leave the incision marks after the surgery.
Doctors at Kamla Nehru Hospital referred the patient to Dr. Gyan Chand, Robotic Thyroid Surgeon, SGPGI, Lucknow, for the surgery without making an incision in the neck.

After necessary tests by Dr. Gyan, it was diagnosed that the patient had papillary thyroid cancer, which could be removed by robotic method. After the consent of the family, Dr. Gyan successfully removed many lumps, including the cancerous thyroid gland, in patient’s neck, without making an incision, in a four-hour operation on Friday.

Dr. Abhishek Prakash, Dr. Sara Idris and Dr. Reinel were part of the team, who performed the operation along with Dr. Gyan. Dr. Sujit Gautam and his team from Anaesthesiology gave full support to the team.
Director, Prof RK Dhiman has congratulated Dr. Gyan and his team and expressed happiness over yet another successful robotic surgery in the institute.

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