Say bye to stress

Do this

Do this work while taking a bath.

will get benefit

milk powder in a cup, a little

Salt, Rose Petals, Rose

Mix oil, two spoons of almond oil.

put it in the tub or bucket while taking a bath

It is also effective in relieving stress.

must steam

Doctors say that stress

Steam for relief is an easy and

is an effective solution.
you with plain water or

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bye tipser

we in busy lifestyle

forgot to take care of your health

we do physical workout

but what about mental health

It is important to pay attention.
nowadays we

Stress and anxiety due to work stress

stays which is good for health

It is not.
for this today we

Will tell you the activity by which you will be able to do this

There will be benefit from the problem.

Stamp by adding any aroma oil

You will feel refreshed after taking it.

Take a walk in a park or garden

walk on green grass

Doctors believe that stress

to relax and freshen up instantly

5 minute walk proved to be very good

Will be
Green grass in your park or garden

Walk on
it will relieve your stress

And you will feel fresh.

do relaxation exercises,

workout is the best solution

stress relief exercises

is also necessary.
stand straight for

Be done.
now bow down and palms

Place on thigh.
chin parallel to the ground

Yes means keep your face in front.
take a deep breath

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